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written by Nia Witherspoon

developed at Lambda Literary Fellowship

University of California, Los Angeles

June 2015

Set in a mythical land of black holes where mirrors talk like butch queens and bees race you to the finish line, SHE, a hole that used to be a black woman (and believes in Mariah Carey love-songs like a religion), struggles to recover her soul after SOMEONE, an intersex trickster, deserts her on the mountain-top she called home. More largely, SHE interrogates femme desire, soul-loss, and tries to re-imagine relationships that don’t require the death of compromise. 

Performed by: Zavé Martohardjono and Azure D. Osborne-Lee (above video)


Also featured in Staged Reading, The HOT! Festival

Dixon Place, New York, NY, July 2016

Performed by Kirya Traber and Tanisha Thompson

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