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by Cherríe Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodríguez, and Alleluia Panis

Featured Performances by Adelina Anthony, Catherine Castellanos, and Alleluia Panis

Music Direction by Samia Abou-Samra

Music Performance by Steven Cervantes, Samia Abou-Samra

Vocal Performance by Charlene O'Rourke and Nia Witherspoon

In 2008, Cherrie Moraga (playwright), Celia Herrera Rodriguez (InstallationVisual Artist) and Alleluia Panis, (Choreographer) received a $40,000 Bay Area Creative Work Fund, collaborating with San Francisco's Campo Santo Theater. The fund supported a performance work, developed through a "Jornada," in dialogue with (im)migrant/indigenous communities in Arizona, California, and Oregon.  The work revolves  around the theme of women separated from their children and lands of origin through forced migration and violence. 

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