Priestess of Twerk 

Inspired by the “bad bitches” of hip hop, the reproductive justice movement, and the sacred sex workers that graced Egyptian temples, Priestess of Twerk is a black feminist temple of pleasure that presents women, queer, and trans-folks of color with opportunities to re-encounter their sexualities through the lens of the sacred, increasing bodily autonomy, and dispelling toxic masculinity.


Recently awarded by Creative Capital! 


Commissioned by HERE Art Center. 

Workshop: HERE Arts Center, February 2020

Co-Director: Miranda Haymon, Sound Design: Wazi Maret, Light/Set: Tuce Yasak, Roya Abab, Shana Crawford, Choreography: Shernita Anderson, Production/Stage Manager: Lydia Faith Featuring: Linda LaBeija, Syd Nichols, Tieisha Thomas, Ziiomi Law, Ana Aguero-Jahannes, Dani Criss