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Priestess of Twerk 

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Inspired by the “bad bitches” of hip hop, the reproductive justice movement, and the sacred sex workers that graced Egyptian temples, Priestess of Twerk is a black feminist temple of pleasure that presents women, queer, and trans-folks of color with opportunities to re-encounter their sexualities through the lens of the sacred, increasing bodily autonomy, and dispelling toxic masculinity.


Recently awarded by Creative Capital!  Visit the project's private site for more media and updates.


Commissioned by HERE Art Center. 

Workshop: HERE Arts Center, February 2020

Co-Director: Miranda Haymon, Sound Design: Wazi Maret, Light/Set: Tuce Yasak, Roya Abab, Shana Crawford, Choreography: Shernita Anderson, Production/Stage Manager: Lydia Faith Featuring: Linda LaBeija, Syd Nichols, Tieisha Thomas, Ziiomi Law, Ana Aguero-Jahannes, Dani Criss

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